Own Your Financial Freedom: Money, Women, Marriage and Divorce

Own Your Financial Freedom: Money, Women, Marriage and Divorce

[Free read ebook] Own Your Financial Freedom: Money, Women, Marriage and Divorce

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Snippet : It is never too early to get a financial reality check to ensure long term financial security. Practical, savvy, and wide-ranging, Own Your Financial Freedom will inform women of important financial constructs prior to marriage and educate women on the lsquo;what-ifrsquo; of a divorce proceeding and post-divorce money management. By making effective money decisions at every stage of your life, if a divorce is ever inevitable, you will feel far more in control and aware of what you are entitled to, making divorce a straightforward process and not a lengthy battle.Packed with essential advice from professionals and financial gurus, Own Your Financial Freedom will help anyone navigate through the emotionally, economically and legally challenging divorce procedure. From understanding entitlements, coming to a settlement and to planning long-term investments, this book is an essential guide to achieving financial freedom.