Social Enterprise in Emerging Market Countries: No Free Ride

Social Enterprise in Emerging Market Countries: No Free Ride

[Mobile pdf] Social Enterprise in Emerging Market Countries: No Free Ride

Book Description : NESsT is an organization that develops sustainable social enterprises to solve critical social problems in emerging market economies. NESsT believes that social enterprise is a powerful tool that provides marginalized communities the skills, accessibility and technology needed to overcome social barriers and break the cycle of poverty. Drawing on NESsT’s unique methodology for identifying and building the capacity of early-stage social enterprises, as well as on surveys of relevant stakeholders, Social Enterprise in Emerging Market Countries provides a clear picture of where social enterprises are and where they need to go, and identifies key players in the social enterprise field and how they can take the bold steps needed to facilitate the growth and impact of these models.nbsp;Etchart and Camolli focus on NESsT’s research in Latin America and Central Europe, the two regions where it has operated for over 15 years, particularlynbsp;in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru, with some cases from other countries in Latin America. For the purpose of illustrating important models and innovative programs and policies, this book also highlights cases and experiences from Central Europe.

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